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Can't wait for summer!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Hi, so this our first LYFEthebus blog. It's April 2019 and LYFE is in a garage in the Netherlands where a team of mechanics are working on getting LYFE on the road. She is required to pass a few Dutch law roadworthiness 'exams' and an inspection whether she can really be considered a campervan! We hope to get all this done by June so insurances and road tax can be arranged before we hit our first stop, Zeeland!

We have decided to take things slowly this summer. We don't even know the Netherlands that well so we thought it would be a great idea to take LYFE around this nice flat country of 42,508km² - in case we break down we may not have to break the bank! I (E) am quite pleased about this as F had the 'Grimsel Pass in mind for a while.

This entire "LYFE" the bus project has been an amazing one. The best impulsive buy ever!

I can't wait to share more stories ! Oh yes, I made a logo today.

I wanted to make clear where are name comes from...
A logo!

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