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Welcome to our LYFE the bus blog

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

We are converting a 1997 International BlueBird 3800 into a comfortable tiny home to adventure, discover places and meet people.

Welcome to LYFE the bus' blog. In January, 2017 our American schoolbus arrived in the Netherlands where we wanted to convert our bus. We are a year on and our bus is almost fully converted, we're working on the finishing touches & will then need to get it through the inspection to get our licence plate!

“Purchasing a 20 year old school bus on e-bay was probably the silliest thing we have done, but it has turned out to probably be one of the funnest things we have done ever!”

In this blog we will go through the steps of how we purchased the bus and how we got it shipped to the Netherlands, how we came up with ideas for the interior and explain why LYFE is called LYFE :-)

For now if you want to find out more you can also follow our journey on instagram : lyfethebus

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